1. Create a space for yourself.
It's very important to have a place or time for just yourself. Have fun creating
a room or personal corner that fills you with joy and feels like home. Date
yourself and find your likes and dislikes. Enjoy who you are.
2. Spend some quiet time by yourself everyday.
If noise and activity constantly bombard your life, you are drowning out your
inner guidance. Enjoy the quiet time, sit or lie down, and just be.
3. Listen to the little voice inside of you. 

Learn to distinguish the voices behind your inner dialogues. Don't ignore your
higher self. You may make your life harder than it needs to be.
4. Ask yourself questions, never assume your answers.
Challenge yourself with questions daily. Work from a self-knowledge base rather
than answering to please or rebel against others. Be honest about who you are or
you may disappoint yourself and others.
5. Find an activity that fills you with joy.

When we do the things we love, we love the life we have and learn to love
6. Wake up each morning and do an internal check.
Before you jump out of bed and run off to the next activity, take a few moments
to be with yourself and check-in with how you are feeling, what you are
thinking, and where you are going.
7. Let your spirit define who you are rather than the outside world.

Don't dress outside in, dress inside out. Wear your spirit proudly and attract
more  contentment to you. Don't rely on an external image (i.e. clothing,
hairstyle, and status symbols) to tell you who you are.
8. Be honest with others about your needs and boundaries. Once you know what you
need, let others know. Don't mix your messages. If you remain silent, there's a
chance of disappointing yourself and others more than the truth ever could.
9. Process what others have to say about you. Don't take their words for Gospel,
but don't ignore it.

Let perspectives outside of yourself give dimension to your internal picture.
Balance between taking peoples words as ultimate truth and ignoring what is
being said. Realize everyone sees the world through his or her own filters (past
experiences, needs, wants). Listen for the truth with love.
10. Give thanks to the force that created you.
However you name the force that created you, give thanks for who you are. When
you give thanks, you acknowledge your beauty and have the ability to cherish
yourself more and more.

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