A B C of Positive Living ( @,@ )

           ( The Simple Things You Can Do To Find Happiness )

ATTITUDE ( SIKAP / LAGAK ): If you have a positive attitude toward life, everything else will follow.

BE BETTER ( LEBIH BAIK ) : In whatever You do, at work or at home,strive to perform the task better than  last time you did it. Learn something new each day.

CRY ( MENANGIS ) : When you'r sad, crying is your body's way of letting go

DECISIONS ( KEPUTUSAN ) : Make wise decisions and stick of them. The decisions you make today affect the life you'all live tomorrow.

ENCOURAGEMENT ( GALAKAN ) : Make it a habit to encourage yourself and others, especially when thing aren't going well. Be a source of strength to those around you.

FRIENDS ( SAHABAT ) : Make new friends, keep old ones and let go of those who are negative influence in your life.

GIVING ( MEMBERI ) : Do something for someone for free, Feel the satisfaction of bringing joy to someone else's  life. There is more happiness in giving than receiving.

HOLYDAY ( BERCUTI ) : Now and then we all need a break from the stress then comes with daily living. If you can't afford to travel, why not spend a weekend at a friend or relative's house or at nearby lodge? then change of environment will do you good.

INSPIRATION : Surround yourself with people who are motivating and inspiring. The chance are it will rub of on you. Write down your goals and your fovorite inspirational quotes and stick them where you can see them everyday.

JOKES : Laughter has been known to reduce stress, so laught, buy a book of funny joke n read them when you're felling now.

KINDNESS ( BERMURAH HATI ) : This is a virtue that's hard to find these days. Cultivate it and you'all be as rare as a diamond.

LOVE : Love is patient and kind, it does not envy or boast, it is not proud. It is not rude,it is notself -seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trust, always hopes and always perserves.
Paling penting awk semua kena lebih cintakan Allah yang Maha Pencipta daripada makhluk ciptaannya wokeys..( @,@)

M0VE : When you fall do not stay down, get up and keep moving or be better keep it ISTIGHFAR and ZIKRULLAH

NATURE ( ALAM SEKITAR ) : Enjoy nature,there's so much to learn about it. Take care of the world and the envoironment arround you as you're proud of. Do not litter and destroy nature you are not creating employment but poverty.

OPPORTUNITIES ( PELUANG ) Keep your mind and your eyes open for new opportunities. Sometimes they present themselves in areas where we least expect them. Grab them before someone else does and dont let fear stop you.

PRAY ( SEMBAHYANG / DOA ) : A conversation with your maker is worth every minute make time to speak to Him on a regular basis, through good times and bad. Always keep it solat sunat like solat dhuha and tahajjud.

QUIT QUITTING : There is an Ethiopian proverb that says." Smooth seas dont  make skillful sailor". Finish what you start . Don't just give up when you're faced with an obstacle.

RELAX AND REST : Get enough sleep. That way you start the next day feeling refreshed and healthy.

SEEK SUCCESS : Your success is not measured by how much money you have. Aim for success in all aspects of yiur life. As a parent, as a worker, as a lover, or as a friends.

Value your time and other people's time. Procrastination   ( putting things of untill later ) steals time and gives no reward.

VARIETY : Variety is the spice of life and it also increases your creativity. Befriend someone who has a different background to yours, Accept that your  way is not the only way.

XPEL : X pel negative thoughts from your life. Surround yourself with people who have qualities that you want to develop in yourself.

YOU: Realise that you are unique and special and infect the starting point of perfection. Find your own unique way of making a positive contribution to society.

ZEAL ( SEMANGAT ) : Be zealous in following your dreams and nothing will stand in your way. Your enthusiasm will make people want to help you reach your destination.

" We See Things Not As There Are But As We Are.." (@,@)


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